TOOP makes the cross border once-only principle a reality in Europe

The Once-Only Principle Project (TOOP) ended on 31 March 2021.

TOOP was launched in January 2017 as an initiative of about 50 organisations from 20 EU Member States and Associated Countries. The main objective of TOOP was to explore and demonstrate the once-only principle on a cross-border pan-European scale, focusing on reducing the administrative burden of businesses.

TOOP long-term sustainability

One of the main tasks of the TOOP project is to ensure the take-up of TOOP results and achieve their long-term sustainability. The members of TOOP set during the final phase of the project a special focus on these sustainability aspects. To fulfil the requirements and based on best practice experiences of previous large scale project the specific organisation ONCE-ONLY.ORG was established. ONCE-ONLY.ORG is an international non-profit association under Belgium law (AISBL) and implemented as part of the sustainability strategy for the TOOP project.

CEF OOP is progressing on the SDG Once Only Technical System

The European Commission is carrying out the preparatory work for the entry into force of the SDG Once Only Technical System, which is set to be in place and ready for use by 12 December 2023. The overall objective is to set up a technical system for the cross-border automated exchange of evidence and application of the Once Only Principle. This will allow citizens and businesses to request any official evidence, required by an administration as part of several key online procedures, to be exchanged directly between administrations, even in different Member States.