CEF OOP is progressing on the SDG Once Only Technical System

The European Commission is carrying out the preparatory work for the entry into force of the SDG Once Only Technical System, which is set to be in place and ready for use by 12 December 2023. The overall objective is to set up a technical system for the cross-border automated exchange of evidence and application of the Once Only Principle. This will allow citizens and businesses to request any official evidence, required by an administration as part of several key online procedures, to be exchanged directly between administrations, even in different Member States.

As foreseen, CEF will take over the groundwork set out by TOOP since 2017, including the technical specifications for the Once Only Technical System, the implemented common components used for the facilitation of the evidence exchange process between Evidence Requesters and Evidence Providers. Going forward, the technical specifications will focus on the use of reusable organisational and legal frameworks combined with semantic and technical standards, to promote reusability and interoperability on all levels. In this regard, CEF will deliver the final version of the technical specifications of the Once Only Technical System by December 2021.

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