TOOP long-term sustainability

One of the main tasks of the TOOP project is to ensure the take-up of TOOP results and achieve their long-term sustainability. The members of TOOP set during the final phase of the project a special focus on these sustainability aspects. To fulfil the requirements and based on best practice experiences of previous large scale project the specific organisation ONCE-ONLY.ORG was established. ONCE-ONLY.ORG is an international non-profit association under Belgium law (AISBL) and implemented as part of the sustainability strategy for the TOOP project. The General Assembly has endorsed ONCE-ONLY.ORG AISBL as the organisation for sustainability of technical artefacts produced as result of the TOOP project.

The purpose of the organisation is to facilitate and promote international cooperation of public and private stakeholders aiming to advance and enhance the once-only principle and other underlying principles for e-Governance and the interoperability solutions and practices that support them. Furthermore, its activities under the statutes may include actions that aim to ensure the sustainability of state-of-the-art solutions, specifications, technological building blocks and services, as well as related governance schemes and frameworks.

Membership is open to legal entities or natural persons who take an active interest in the aims of the Association, especially public organizations that have a mission, academic or research organizations with competences or private companies that have activities relevant to the purpose of the Association.

ONCE-ONLY.ORG offers two different kinds of membership:

Effective Members

with voting rights

1000 EUR (VAT excluded) p.a.

Associate Members

without voting rights

500 EUR (VAT excluded) p.a.

Joining ONCE-ONLY.ORG will ensure the opportunity to influence and be involved into the management of licenses on TOOP Artefacts. Furthermore, it guarantees the direct involvement in the maintenance of the solutions and the compliance with SDGR Requirements. The organisation will continue to contribute to the implementation of the SDGR until December 2023 and to support all interested parties who are planning to use the once-only technical solutions based on the TOOP results and the technical requirements that will be defined as part of the implementing act(s) of the SDGR by the end of 2021.

Have we gained your interest? Please feel invited you to join the sustainability organisation of the Once-Only Principle Project. You can find the membership application form here.