TOOP presents 1st Version of Generic Federated OOP Architecture

TOOP has submitted its next deliverable to the European Commission to describe the first version of a generic federated architecture for the implementation of the once-only principle (OOP) in Europe.

The Once-Only Principle Project (TOOP) has submitted its next deliverable “D2.1 Generic Federated OOP Architecture” to the European Commission. This deliverable presents the first version of a generic federated OOP architecture, supporting interconnection and interoperability of national registries at the EU level.

The first version focuses on interoperability at business and information level, to be extended iteratively in the future versions. The deliverable includes, among others, the requirements, the initial building blocks, and the interface specifications of the generic federated architecture.

The overall logic of the deliverable emerges from the principle of reusing existing frameworks and building blocks. Thus, the architecture is in line with EU key frameworks like EIRA and EIF, takes into account the e-SENS European Interoperability Reference Architecture and is based on the CEF Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) and the building blocks consolidated by the e-SENS project.

As the first step, an initial inventory of existing e-Government building blocks is proposed. Then, the principles of selection of building blocks for OOP applications and several types of high-level views of the architecture are provided. Finally, an analysis of selected building blocks with respect to their relevance, applicability, sustainability, need for further development, and external interfaces is presented.

The next steps are to develop the architecture in more detail and to elaborate other tasks of TOOP T2.1 – development of a framework for specific OOP architectures and providing deployment profiles for building blocks.

The deliverable is open for public use. A more extended executive summary of the content can be found in the document. For any comments, ideas and suggestions related to this deliverable, please feel free to contact us at any time! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Access deliverable here | Date of submission: 30.06.17