TOOP Position Paper published: Definition of OOP and Situation in Europe

TOOP is pleased to present its first deliverable to the European Commission that is also open for public access!

The Once-Only Principle Project has submitted its first deliverable “D2.6 Position Paper on Definition of OOP and Situation in Europe” to the European Commission. The objective of this position paper is to explain the “once-only” principle (OOP) as it is understood by the partners in the project and to summarise the motivation and ambition behind TOOP.

TOOPs aim is to explore and demonstrate the “once-only” principle on a cross-border, collaborative, and pan-European scale by using a federated architecture to implement multiple sustainable pilots. Therefore, the project’s approach to the OOP is specific, focusing on information related to businesses activities and on cross-border sharing of this information. TOOP intends to contribute to the creation of a situation where businesses may provide certain standard information to a national or supra-national public administration only once, allowing for cross-border sharing of such information, and this information could be shared between those public bodies, respecting constraints such as regulations.

A more extended description of the project’s approach as well as pilot descriptions can be found in the document.

For any comments, ideas and suggestions related to this deliverable, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Read more about this in the Position Paper here.