TOOP officially extended!

During the extension period, TOOP plans to develop and pilot a new version of the TOOP architecture and solution that is aligned with the Target Architecture of the CEF OOP team.

The architecture revision, that has already started, is based on the maturity assessment of the current TOOP architecture and solution which was performed by CEF OOP. CEF presented recommendations that point to more extended use of existing standard. Four technical artefacts of TOOP have already been agreed to be handed over to CEF. The handover activities will be carried out during the extra 6 months. These activities and tasks will ensure the sustainability of the project.

Furthermore, during the extension time, the project can actively contribute to the preparation of the implementing act(s) of the SDGR by delivering input based on the experiences during the piloting phase.

Finally, the extension offers opportunity for the piloting countries to complete piloting activities and overcome organisational challenges faced. The piloting during the additional time will also include testing of the new artefacts, which will be handed over to the CEF OOP.

We are excited to continue our effort and to contribute to the emerging Digital Single Market in Europe!