Intensified collaboration with CEF

TOOP is currently actively cooperating with the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and works intensively on adjustments of the architecture in order to serve a purpose for the technical system foreseen in the Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR).

On 25th October 2019 the blueprint, which provides an overview of different architectural options to make the OOP system reality, was presented to the Representatives of the Member States and associated countries of the EU during the 5th Meeting of the single digital gateway coordination group. The TOOP project uses most of the elements included in the blueprint and is considered as a working proof-of-concept of a cross-border once-only architecture. The architecture proposed in the blueprint also includes architectural enhancements proposed in the TOOP project. To further align the TOOP architecture with the requirements of the OOP technical system foreseen in the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, the project is working on the components advancement and introduction of necessary changes as well as new technical developments. Intensive cooperation between TOOP and CEF is ensured which will result in developing architecture tailored to the needs of the cross-border OOP system in Europe.