Positive Review feedback and recommendations for the TOOP final stage!

An official Review Report, presenting results of the annual review meeting held in June 2019, was received by TOOP team. According to the document, the project has achieved most of its objectives and milestones for the reporting period. The reviewers appreciated the demonstrations of the pilots presented during the review meeting that showcased work made for developing the software architecture. The document indicates key focus areas at the final stage of the project. It highlights the importance of pilot evaluation, high-level impact assessment, and handover of implemented results. In addition, a significant effort should be devoted to the sustainability plan in order to ensure that all the technical developments achieved by TOOP, will remain “alive” after the end of the project.

The reviewers have recommended another extension to the project which would allow undertaking new activities for increasing the project impact, particularly those aligned to the requirements of the Single Digital Gateway.