Actions towards the OOP technical system

Article 14 of the Single Digital Gateway regulation (SDGR) foresees the creation of a Once-Only technical system, which will enable the exchange of evidence across borders for key online procedures (defined in Annex II) and the procedures provided for Directives 2005/36/EC, 2006/123/EC, 2014/24/EU, and 2014/25/EU. OOP CEF Digital Preparatory Action was established to support achieving this goal, in particular:

  • prepare the sustainability of the assets created by TOOP to CEF Digital
  • support the drafting of the technical specifications of the future OOP technical system
  • promote the readiness of the Member States and associated countries by raising awareness and building national capacity

On 25th October the blueprint was presented to the Representatives of the Member States and associated countries of the EU during the 5th Meeting of the single digital gateway coordination group. The blueprint provides an overview of different architectural options to make the OOP technical system a reality. The architecture is heavily based on reuse of existing CEF Building Blocks, in particular, e-Delivery and eID and includes architectural enhancements proposed in the TOOP project, other EC services/systems and ISA² specifications.

Based on this document the European Commission together with the Member States and associated countries will discuss architectural components and possible technology options.

To further support the development of the OOP technical system, the TOOP project will continue the collaboration and process the transfer of its assets.