The ‘once-only’ principle and TOOP project discussed during SEMIC2019!

The SEMIC conference is the annual conference on semantic interoperability organised by the ISA² programme of the European Commission. It aims at providing its growing community with a platform to exchange experience and to raise awareness regarding the need for semantic interoperability in the EU.

Since 2017, TOOP has actively participated in SEMIC and its solutions have been discussed during the conferences. This year’s edition was no different. TOOP results were widely presented by project partners from Slovenia and Sweden. Alenka Zuzek-Nemec and Hans Ekstal described the concept of the ‘once-only’ principle and its implementation on the national level. Furthermore, they showcased a live demo of the TOOP solution: the process of registration of a Slovenian company in Sweden (using an eIDAS module for service authentication). This demo not only presented the e-Government landscape in Slovenia and Sweden but also proved, that the administrative cost reduction is possible, thanks to application of the ‘once-only’ principle.

Afterwards, TOOP partners participated in a panel discussion entitled “Cross-border examples of data exchange between public administrations”. They drew conclusions, how to overcome semantic challenges based on experiences within TOOP pilots.

SEMIC attendees were lively interested in the project, numerously visiting the TOOP exhibition booth, seeking for more information about the ‘once-only’ principle and project results.