TOOP presented its progress to the European Commission

On 18th and 19th June 2019, TOOP second periodic review meeting took place in Brussels. It was the opportunity for European Commission (EC) to assess the progress of the project after the second year of operations.

The review meeting was preceded by the policy workshop on 18th June. It  aimed at discussing the project progress regarding the pilot implementation activities. Selected Members States (Estonia, Germany, Sweden) shared their experiences of the service implementation. Afterwards, the Commission presented, how  the OOP relates to particular policy domains: SDGR and e-Procurement. Moreover, the representatives of CEF described their works conducted within the OOP-CEF Preparatory Action, that will take over and build on the TOOP results after the project ends.

After the policy workshop finished, the TOOP review meeting started the same day in the afternoon. It focused on the project progress in terms of pilot implementation, architecture, communications as well as administrative issues. Member States demonstrated the pilot results - Greece, Germany, Poland and Sweden explained, how TOOP solution was implemented in their national systems. It was done via the live demonstration on the TOOP Data Consumer User Interface.

TOOP gained positive feedback from the EC reviewers, who encouraged the project team to continue their excellent work during the forthcoming months (TOOP is scheduled to end in March 2020).