Handover of SCOOP4C results to TOOP

TOOP aims to sustain the results of the research on the ‘once-only’ principle conducted within SCOOP4C and will strive to advance the implementation of the ‘once-only’ principle for businesses and citizens.

SCOOP4C was launched in November 2016. Five organizations from member states have explored how the ‘once-only’ principle can be implemented at the European level especially for citizens. Actions performed by the project aimed to support the diffusion of the ‘once-only’ principle across Europe, in particular:

  • Building up and sustaining the stakeholder community,
  • Identifying, collecting and sharing existing good practices of ‘once-only’ principle implementations for citizens,
  • Discussing challenges, needs and benefits of widespread implementation of the ‘once-only’ principle,
  • Developing a roadmap of future areas of actions to implement ‘once-only’ solutions.

TOOP project will sustain the achievements of the SCOOP4C project and use them for implementing the ‘once-only’ principle across the EU and the EEA.