Handover of SCOOP4C outcomes to the TOOP project.

After 2 years of operation, the SCOOP4C project will soon come to an end. The goal of the handover process, that is currently starting, is to ensure the crucial outcomes of the SCOOP4C project (mainly the vivid stakeholder community, amounting for over 150 online community members and almost 200 active stakeholders) will be sustained and continued within the TOOP project.

SCOOP4C was launched by the European Commission in November 2016. Five organizations from member states have explored how the once-only principle can be implemented at a European level. Actions performed by the project aimed to support diffusion of the once-only principle across Europe, in particular:

  • building up and sustaining the stakeholders community,
  • identifying, collecting and sharing existing good practices of once-only implementations for citizens,
  • discussing challenges, needs and benefits of widely implementing the once-only principle,
  • developing a roadmap of future areas of actions to implement once-only solutions

TOOP will build on the knowledge and experience gained by SCOOP4C to further explore the once-only principle across border. Best practices, benefits and re-usable solutions will be further promoted to enable user-friendly digital services in Europe based on the once-only principle.