Save the date for the Once-Only Conference For Europe!

The conference is going to bring together representatives of national governments, the European Commission and businesses. The event is also open to all, who are interested in topics related to the once-only principle (OOP) and its implementation in Europe on a cross-border level.

The conference will last for two days (24th and 25th September 2018). The first, interactive day will focus on both project’s achievements, recommendations and developments. The second day of the conference shall be dedicated to high level sessions and discussions. The impact of General Data Protection Regulation and Single Digital Gateway Regulation are going to be widely discussed. Special panel discussion will focus on the OOP impact on end users and public administration in the EU. Interesting case studies on cross-border level are planned to be showcased.

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The conference is free of charge but requires a registration in advance.

Get involved! We hope to meet you in Vienna soon!