TOOP final pilot to enable quicker ship inspections

TOOP project features piloting activities in three areas. Two of them: e-services for Business Mobility and Updated Company Data were already covered. Now it’s the time to introduce the last one: Online Ship & Crew Certificates.

This pilot focuses on the improvements for maritime authorities, ships and their crews, when docking in the foreign ports. When this happens, every ship must be inspected. Instead of presenting paper certificates to maritime authorities (PSCO – Port State Control Officers),  due to TOOP solution requested data about the ship and crew members will be provided digitally. Thanks to the TOOP infrastructure, Port State Control Officers in the docking port will be able to receive:

  1. Main idendifiers of the ship
  2. List of valid certificates available to download
  3. Issue, validity and endorsement dates of each available certificate

Each certificate and endorsement sheet can be also downloaded as a PDF. Those digital documents can be automatically processed by the maritime authorities systems. This way, ship and its crew have more time to rest in port and the time of inspection is shortened by 20-60%.

To learn more about this pilot, visit: