The Once-Only Principle Situation in Europe document is now updated!

The deliverable summarizes the motivations and ambitions behind the Once-Only Principle project - TOOP. It also articulates, how partners understand the meaning of Once-Only Principle (OOP). TOOP’s tangible and intangible results are included. Furthermore, D2.14 reflects the current situation concerning implementation of the OOP in cross-border scale.

This document not only defines the political context and existing OOP initiatives in the EU, but also underlines the importance of this principle for the development of the Digital Single Market. Some examples of the OOP applications in the EU are also presented. First on the national scale, where Estonia, Netherlands and Belgium are indicated to have the most mature OOP infrastructures. Secondly on cross – border level, where examples from Bavaria (Germany), Finland and Estonia are included. Additionally D2.14 describes existing barriers for the OOP implementation in political, technical and legal context.

Access the document here.

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