TOOP pilot will support registration for cross-border services

The Licenses and Permissions are the second pilot included in the first area of the TOOP piloting exercise:
Cross-border e-Services for Business Mobility. The other two are: e-Procurement (which has been described last week) and Company Data and Mandates.

Let’s imagine a professional, who is running a company in one EU country, and would like to provide services in another. Thanks to the Licenses and Permissions pilot, this person will be able to register his/her services abroad through that country’s Point of Single Contact.

TOOP pilot will facilitate the communication between the competent authorities from the country of origin and a registration service in the country of choice. It will help to retrieve the required licenses and permissions through the TOOP infrastructure. This, in turn, will enable providing services in the country of destination faster for the interested professional.

The main expected benefits for businesses are:

  • Reduction of administrative burden;
  • Time and cost efficiency;
  • EU-wide market expansion possibilities.

This use case intends to be aligned with the eIDAS Regulation, Services Directive, Professional Qualifications Directive,

General Data Protection Regulation and the Single Digital Gateway Regulation.

First TOOP pilots will be launched in the second half of 2018.