TOOP is planning to make the cross-border procurement in the EU easier!

The first area of TOOP piloting exercise focuses on Cross-border e-Services for Business Mobility. Within it, there are three use cases, aimed at service provision for EU businesses: e-Procurement, Licenses and Permissions and Company Data and Mandates.

The eProcurement use case intends to use the TOOP infrastructure and demonstrate how the provision of evidences during an eTendering procedure can be simplified. This, in turn, will bring down the formal barriers and allow European businesses expand to foreign markets.

Businesses wanting to participate in public procurement in another EU country, will not have to upload all data from their local IT-infrastructure. They will just have to indicate their country of origin. The ESPD/eTendering service will use the TOOP infrastructure to discover the designated data provider and send the relevant request to retrieve the necessary information. The main goal of the scenario is to simplify and make less time consuming the participation in a public procurement process at both national and cross-border level.

The main expected benefits for businesses are:

  • Administrative burden reduction by simplifying the qualification procedures for the involved parties.
  • Time and cost efficiency.
  • EU-wide market expansion possibilities.

This use case is fully aligned with the Public Procurement Directive as well as with the eIDAS Regulation.

First TOOP pilots will be launched in the second half of 2018.