Simple cross-border services for EU companies to expand abroad!

Company Data and Mandates is the third pilot included in the first area of the TOOP piloting exercise: Cross-border e-Services for Business Mobility. The other two are: e-Procurement  and the Licenses and Permissions (which have been already described).

This pilot aims at the simplification of digital procedures for companies, who would like to extend their business to other EU markets. Let’s talk about a company which would like to expand from country A to country B. Its representative will be able to access the destination country (B) service and use it, after proving he has the valid mandate to do so. Via the TOOP solution, the destination country service will verify (based on the e-ID), whether the person is authorized to represent the company and use the service. If everything checks the access to the service will be granted.

The implementation of the aforementioned functionality means that the administrative burden will be reduced for both companies and the public authorities. Retrieval of the available data will be done quicker and safer since it is provided by a valid source. It will also reduce the time required for the service provision, number of required documents, operational costs and fraud opportunities.

This use case intends to be aligned with the eIDAS Regulation, eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020, General Data Protection Regulation.

First TOOP pilots will be launched in the second half of 2018.